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You’re on a path to well-being and good health. We’re right there at your side.

Every day of your life is impacted by how you feel, which is why you strive so hard to maintain your health. Whatever your path may be, we are here to inspire, encourage, and help you.

We help you make the greatest decisions for yourself and the people you love by presenting you with uncomplicated, expert-reviewed, person-first experiences that cut through the uncertainty.

We want you to take responsibility for your health.

Lifestanceshealth is here for the full person—for your whole life—so we cover all aspects of physical and mental health in an honest, unbiased manner. Additionally, we pay close attention to what people have to say and prioritize empathy throughout our business since each person who comes to us has specific issues. You’ll notice that we identify with you in everything from our personal opinions to our dedication to inclusion.

We hope you take use of all of Lifestanceshealth’s offerings, including our apps, podcasts, communities, and collection of articles on health and wellness.

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We are the fastest-growing health information website thanks to health seekers. Every month, Lifestanceshealth receives more than 200 million visits.

You’ve come to the correct location whether you want to learn more about a health issue, study a drug, connect with one of our groups, or get advice on leading a healthy lifestyle. You’ll come across information that is interesting, simple to comprehend, and well-written. A sympathetic group of experts who actually care about people will also be there.

About Us


Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs team at Lifestanceshealth makes sure that all of the company’s products, services, and content adhere to the highest standards of medical ethics. Our committed staff oversees a large medical network of more than 150 healthcare specialists that offer clinical advice viagra generic, expert POVs, and medical evaluation. The medical experts at Lifestanceshealth work to make sure that the data we share is reliable, factual, up-to-date, and person-centric.

Editorial for Lifestanceshealth

 Lifestanceshealth is committed to making health and wellness information available, comprehensible, and useful so that readers may make the greatest choices for their health. Qualified authors, editors, physicians, and other contributors develop, fact-check, and evaluate our content.

Our network of healthcare specialists rigorously reviews each piece of clinical information to verify accuracy. Each article cites or links to original sources in accordance with our stringent sourcing policies. Our specialists closely follow the health and wellness sector, and as fresh material is made available, we update our articles.

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As your buddy, we swear never to abandon you in the middle of your quest for wellbeing. More than 15 social groups on Lifestanceshealth enable users from all around the world to connect, exchange knowledge, and give assistance. We’re dedicated to shining a spotlight on all health-related issues. Lifestanceshealth is altering the way we see wellbeing with moderated discussions, expert-led films, and information that benefits the full person.


Advertisement and Sponsorship Policy

Lifestanceshealth is supported by commercials, sponsored articles, and other partnerships including affiliate schemes. The fact is that we are able to cover more ailments and offer more potent experiences, such as video, animations, and feedback from a variety of specialists, thanks to support from our advertising. Rest assured that we have zero tolerance for interference with our editorial independence. We never allow advertisers to sway the information we produce, except from suggestions concerning general subject areas.

To make sure that advertising never compromises journalistic integrity, we have clear criteria for advertisements and sponsorships that we adhere to. Lifestanceshealth selects the advertisements, disclaims product endorsements, separates editorial material from commercials, and makes it very evident when a piece of content is sponsored.

Concerning Lifestanceshealth Media

Lifestanceshealth Media, a rapidly expanding health and wellness company, supports millions of individuals in their efforts to lead better, healthier lives. Through our brand portfolios, we reach more than 94 million individuals each month.

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