Orthodontic Instruments

Everything You Need to Know About Orthodontic Instruments

What Are Orthodontists?

Some of you may confuse the two terms dentists and orthodontists. In this article, you will learn how these two terms differ. What are standard orthodontic instruments used to treat abnormal alignment of teeth and jaws?

Dentistry is a broad field that deals with oral health-related issues. In contrast, orthodontists have specialized training and sessions to diagnose, prevent, and correct mal-positioned teeth and jaws.

In short, orthodontics specifically relates to aligning teeth and correcting the bite. Orthodontists use a wide range of orthodontic instruments and dental procedures. The quality and durability of such instruments matter greatly as the doctor applies them directly to the patient’s teeth and jaws.

Different Orthodontic Instruments

Each orthodontic equipment is specialized for different dental issues. So, they help orthodontists in carrying out various dental procedures. There are special orthodontic tools for braces. With these tools, dental experts can carry out complicated dental procedures.

Orthodontists use multiple instruments to address the dental issues of patients. These instruments are

  • Band seating, placing instruments
  • Curettes
  • Bone graft packers and pluggers
  • Pliers
  • Orthodontic cutters

1.   Band Seating Placing Instruments

Band seating placing needs multiple tools for use during orthodontic procedures. Such instruments include height gauge, NITI ICE orthodontic instrument, ligature director, band pusher and remover, direct band adhesive remover, soldering tweezers, bracket positioning gauge, Mathieu pliers, etc. 

Such orthodontic instruments come in different handle styles and single or double-ended needles. Their manufacturing material is German stainless steel, making them durable, rust and corrosion-proof.

2.  Orthodontic Curettes

Curettes are the instruments that orthodontists use for scraping or debriding tissue. This dental tool is also helpful for removing pathological tissue. Besides this, a dental curette scrapes a carious cavity before filling teeth.

3.  Bone Graft Packer And Pluggers

This dental instrument condenses bone with exceptional working ends through grafting procedures. This instrument comes in various variations of working ends to add more facilities for orthodontic procedures. Bone graft packers have the following qualities

  • Different sizes
  • Double-ended 
  • German forged
  • Reusable  

Bone Pluggers especially work for filling materials like gold, plastic, or amalgam in the tooth cavity. The special features of such orthodontic tools are

  • Double-ended designs
  • High-quality material
  • Multiple sizes
  • Reusable

The manufacturing materials of these bone pluggers are both stainless and titanium.

4.  Orthodontic Pliers 

The use of Orthodontic Pliers is specific for dental procedures such as contouring, loop forming, and placing stops in the archwire. These pliers help orthodontists to control the archwires during removal and placement. This dental instrument is helpful in both orthodontics and general dentistry.

  • Adam plier dental
  • Arrow pliers
  • Bending pliers
  • Bracket removing pliers

These patterns and variations in tip designs help orthodontists with dental treatment efficiently. Also, the serrated working ends of this dental tool help the practitioners to grip easily during dental procedures. These qualities make this surgical tool easy for doctors and comfortable for patients.  

This orthodontic tool has the following characteristics:

  • High-quality manufacturing metal
  • Rust and corrosion-proof manufacturing material
  • Reusable

These features categorize orthodontic pliers as an effective tool for several orthodontic procedures.

5. Orthodontic Cutters

The function of orthodontic cutters is to cut hard wires in orthodontic appliances. The use of wire cutters is unavoidable during orthodontic processes. The different cutters are

  • orthodontic distal end cutter
  • orthodontic flush cutter
  • orthodontic hard wire cutter
  • orthodontic wire cutters

All these cutters are durable, sharp, and robust. Furthermore, such orthodontic cutters make dental procedures less painful for patients during tiresome orthodontic treatments. The different sizes, shapes, angles, and designs also make the practitioners well-organized for dental treatments.  

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